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Any supplier offering payment to individuals, in order to obtain an order, will be de-listed (blacklisted). Any company personnel found to accept a gift (having any commercial value) or inducement from a supplier will be dismissed immediately.

It is Omni Offshore Terminals’ policy that on no account should commission and/or gifts (having any commercial value) of any kind be issued to the Master or ships’ personnel. If the above is requested you must report the incident immediately to this office without fail to the attention of the Purchasing Manager: William Lee, Tel Number +65 6631 0955.

Safety Compliance Clause:

It is the policy of Omni Offshore Terminals (Operations) to operate and manage vessels in a safe and environment friendly manner. We request suppliers / Sub contractors to pay attention to the following prior sending personnel, equipment, spares and supplies onboard.
1. Every visitor, sub contractor or supplier going on board our managed vessel will comply with Quality, Safety, and Health & Environment Policy.
2. Every visitor, sub contractor or supplier attending our managed vessel will comply with visitor’s policy, smoking restrictions, security restrictions, and photography restrictions, use of appropriate PPE and use of intrinsically safe equipments in hazardous areas. If you require detailed compliance requirements, please liaise with Capt. Ravi / Operations Department +65 6631 0945. Alternately you could send us an email at ravi.swarup@omnioffshore.com or look into our website for the main policy at www.omnioffshore.com. In the event the sub contractors / suppliers need to attend vessel at a short notice, all the above information can also be obtained from the Master of the vessel prior boarding the vessel.
3. Any violations or non compliance to our Policies onboard will be grounds for immediate cancellation of the purchase order and our office will not be liable for any costs or damages arising due to non compliance to our safety policies and procedures.

Health & Environmental Compliance Clause:

Omni Offshore Terminals (Operations) Pte Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 company and is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities. We aim to reduce waste and packing as much as possible. We ask all our suppliers and contractors to assist and also be committed to a reduction in environmental impact and make effort to minimize waste and plastic use, consumption of resources and where possible to recycle and make use of recyclable packings.
1. Vessels managed by Omni Offshore Terminals are asbestos free. Please do not supply any asbestos or asbestos-based material.
2. Use proper packaging and appropriate lifting gear to prevent spillage and pollution.
3. All stores and spares having any toxic material like chemicals, paints, gases etc. will be supplied along with appropriate safety data sheets for handling, storage, medical treatment and for transportation.

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